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Dogsled Races

Is it one of your dreams in life, to stand at the starting line of a real Mid Distance Race?

Yes, it's possible with Blue Kennels. If you have already collected some experience as a musher, like having your own dogs, or if you have previously joined one of our dog sledding tours we offer you the participation in one of the many dogsled races in the north. A good and reasonable training is the major key for a successful dog sled racing team. Depending on the race you like to run you need to bring 4 or more weeks of time.

What is the special thing about running a Dog Sled Race?

Other than in our "normal" dog sled tours, there is no guide running ahead. That sounds so easy, but you will be surprised. You have to be totally self sufficient in the race and know how to run your team. The dogs have to listen to your voice commands, but also trust you. You have to learn the to do`s and the Dont�s of the trail etiquette.

I like to point out right from the beginning, that I believe that not everyone is cut out to run a race and I will openly discuss that with anybody interested. You need to be physically fit and also be able/willing to learn a lot of new information is a relatively short period of time. There is not only sunshine in the races, nor in the preparation time. It usually never goes as planned, which is part of the challenge to run a race. You need to be very open minded and to be able to adapt to new situations quickly. There are a lot of mental ups and downs while training and racing.

Once you reach the finish line, you can look back on weeks of great challenge and accomplishment. You will feel that you have achieved a lot and you will have developed a much deeper understanding of sled dogs.

This short outline will give you an idea of what you will learn while training:

Take the challenge and become a Dog Sled Racer with Blue Kennels Dog Sled College

Dogsled Races

* No participation from Blue Kennels planned.

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