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Copper Basin 300

Distance: 300 miles (480 km)
12.-17. Jan 2007, 12 dogs
Training time: 4 weeks
Arrival: aprox 2007-12-16
Departure: aprox 2008-01-18
Costs: 6000 can$ for training, dog team lease, accommodation
Extra: Meals (we buy jointly and cook jointly, aprox 100 can$/week)
Race costs: (Gas for dog truck, Food Drop Material like Headlight Batteries, Booties, Runner plastic, Race entry fee, Hotel accommodation while at Race) aprox 2000 can$.
Total race costs: 8500 can$

The Copper Basin calls itself the toughest 300 Miles of Alaska, and that description fits pretty good. It offers a lot of different terrain, 5 checkpoints in which the rest of 20hrs can be scheduled by the muher. This is a great race to learn checkpoint routine as well as some strategic planning. It is a great qualifier for the Quest or Iditarod.

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* No participation from Blue Kennels planned.

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