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Pelly Crossing - Carmacks

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(Distance 112 km)

After the teams left the checkpoint in Pelly Crossing, they drive a short time on the village route then on the trail which is parallel to the Klondike Highway. This Trail carries by a destroyed forest area, with from the earth outstanding fires charred stumps, and innumerable fallen trees. The Selkirk First Nation from Pelly Crossing, smoothed a Trail in hard and laborious work by this area. Afterwards the way leads over some small seas and across ravines with improvised bridges. After 48 kilometres the Trail leads the teams to the Kruse farm at the McCabe Cree, there the teams are welcome by the family Kruse with warm beverages. After leaving the farm it continues on that, well-known hard, McCabe Creek, then in the constant change, times on the river or by a hilly and forestry area with stumps. Finally the mushers drive with their dogs the last 12 miles on the Freegold, an old mining road, to Carmacks.

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