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Dawson City - Pelly Crossing

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(Distance 326 km)

The Trail from Dawson City to Pelly Crossing is the longest of the entire Yukon Quests (326 kilometers). After the 36-hours ' obligation stay ' in Dawson City, the mushers and above all the dogs are well rested. The sled they have to pull now, is much heavier (because of the long distance), than before Dawson. However, the mushers must now pass by the Black Hills and have something to do with their heavy charge, in order to get along with the upward gradients and ' devoured ' paths. The 'bligation stay is only for the last musher that leaves Dawson excactly 36 hours, all the others get their 2 minutes from the starting on top. After leaving the Dawson checkpoint the teams cross the Yukon River and drive a short piece at the Klondike River Valley, before they take the long rise to the King Solomon Dome, the highest mountain inf the Yukon Quest. Subsequently, a valley is crossed, in which some mines are located. These can cause bad ice or even open water. Afterwards the Trail leads the next 40 kilometers crosswise by the Black Hills and clears its way toward Stewart River and Scroggie Creek. This way is not particularly loved by Mushern, since it is close and has many hairpin curves, which can prove for the travel with the heavy sled as very difficult. From here on the Trail follows over 112 kilometers of an old mine road, the Scroggie Creek Road, to the Pelly River, where an unofficial checkpoint (Steppin Stone) is. From there it goes on the highway, along the Pelly Rivers, up to the small settlement Pelly Crossing.

=> Dog Drop Scroggie
=> Checkpoint Pelly Crossing

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