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Braeburn - Whitehorse

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(Distance 184 km)

The last trailpart of the Yukon Quests is about 184 kilometers long; it goes over the old Dawson Trail, over the Takhihi River and Yukon River to Whitehorse. The path follows first an old waggon road, from the gold fever time, which also used by trappers and snow mobile drivers. On the way from Braeburn the Trail goes over several small seas and brooks, which dependent on the weather conditions, are able to 'produce' Overflows. In addition the teams must come over some hills and past various farms, Ranches and feasting horses. There can be a danger by the hoof castings of the horses and by left traps from trappers, which were already found in the proximity of the Trails.
The trail leads now on the Dawson Trail, which begins, where the Flat Creek flows into the Takhini River. The teams drive now, 24 kilometers on the Takhini River, until this meets the Yukon. Mushers pass below the Klondike Highway the Takhini bridge and bend thereafter sharply right on the Yukon River, afterwards they go past at the Mountain View gulf course, which offers the many peoples a good view, then they drive the last 16 kilometers on the Yukon to Whitehorse.
And then, Whitehorse and the finish is so near: they did it - the Yukon Quest!!!

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